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Dear ​​​Friends,


In order to customise the editing of your movie, we need you to choose 2 songs which will use as the video clip's soundtrack.


You need to choose 1 quiet song for the Hanachat Tefilin part, and another dance one for the dancing part.


You can choose any song you'll like and we'll check if it's fits to the movie ans will let you know.

To make things easier, we collected some nice ideas for songs which we think will fit the best to your movie.



The quiet recommended songs are:


Ben Snuf - Im Eshkachech Yerushalaim:


Meidad Tasa - Al Neharot Bavel:


Baruch Levin - Zakeni


Shlomi Shabat - Ein Od Milvado:


Yonatan Raziel - Katonti:


Moshe Peretz - Shir Lamaa'lot:


Eyal Golan - Halleluya:


Lior Narkis - Birkat Cohanim:



The dance recommended songs are:


Gad Elbaz - Hashem Melech:


Eyal Golan - Israel:


Avraham Frid- Rak Tfila:


Kobi Peretz with Of Shimches - Israel:

Pharrell Williams - Happy:

Nicki Minaj - Starships:



Please try to choose songs as soon as possible so we can finish the editing and send you the final editing video as early as we can.



Another important thing:

Usually we like to write the BM boy name both in Hebrew and in English and also both the Gregorian and the Hebrew dates. we need from you to please write us the full American and Hebrew names (that we won't make mistakes).



Here you can see an example to a video clip who has all the above (names, dates and 

​a nice song):



If you have any other requests or ideas about the editing, please tell as ASAP and we'll do our best to anwer all of them.


Thank you!


The Aviad Tevel's team!

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