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My name is Aviad Tevel, I was born into a loving Israeli family. I grew up in an environment rich with art and music.

As a gift for my 13th birthday, my father gave me my very first camera.

It was love at first sight.


From that moment on, I couldn't let go of my camera, nor could I stop taking photographs.

Photography for me is a magical world; a world where I capture a single moment, an intimate and special moment, which I commemorate to eternity.


Event photography is my drive, my passion. It combines the photography with my great love to people and celebrations. I always feel blessed to be a part of the event and the Simcha :)


I love standing on the side, watching silently, without disturbing, until that split second when I behold: a whole story, a deep and meaningful emotion, or the most genuine individual.

Only then I use that time machine in my hands, astounded time after time.


In my camera, live magical, natural, sincere and exciting captured moments. These become the most beautiful and cherished memories, forever yours.

The A Team


Event photography magic doesn't happen in front of the camera nor inside it.
And it's not simply the person behind the camera either. 
Great event photography also depends upon the people behind the person behind the camera. That's why we have assembled the best team of professionals - both in Israel and in New-York.


I personally chose my photographers and can tell so much about them since they are the best at tackling the most challenging photographic situations with aplomb - and probably the only people who could have gotten that stoic great uncle to crack a smile.


My photographers will actually makes you feel more comfortable. They are the kind that mother's adore, that grandmothers fall in love with and that guests didn't really know they were there. 

Their passion for it all, their sincere personality and their sense of humor are what allows them to make it happen. And that's what truly sets us, as a team, apart.

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